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Yes, I'm a Sick World

Yes, I'm a Sick World


Yes, I’m just that, a sick world, a very sick world. My ailments began 6,000 years ago when Adam and Eve, the first members of the human race, defied their Creator, disobeyed His specific command, ate of a forbidden tree that brought death-dealing sin into the human family (Genesis 3). One of this couple’s first children, Cain by name, killed his brother, Abel, and from the day of that murder until the present day, my surface has been stained, sometimes soaked, with human blood.

Wars have caused my worst headaches. Mr. Andrew Carnegie, a well-meaning Scotch gentleman, tried in the early part of this century, to make me a “warless world” by establishing the Hague Peace Conference. But the Archduke of Austria was killed in 1914 and his death began my World War I which lasted for four years. About twenty-three years after that war had ended, Adolph Hitler, a former Bavarian paper-hanger and postal-card painter, began my World War II. That slaughtering conflict lasted about six years. Now beads of cold sweat stand out on my face, and my jittery jaws make my old teeth fairly chatter when I hear talk of World War III.

(O dear, O dear, another one of those nuclear explosions has just been set off. Every time that happens I think my poor head will about split open.)

My nurse, Miss Optimist Hopeful, who has just put the thermometer between my fever-burned lips, says my temperature is mounting by the hour. “Opti,” I call her, always sees the bright side of things, if there is a bright side to be seen. But I think that even “Opti” herself is really beginning to feel that I am a hopeless case. For years and years I’ve been hoping that modern scientific discoveries and research would produce a cure for my ancient ailments, but no one seems to have any relief, much less a cure. Can’t somebody do something, just anything to make me feel better and give me a little hope that possibly I might get well?

Mr. Sick World, “Opti” is right. Your condition at the present time is hopeless. Here’s why:

Almost 2,000 years ago God’s Son came to your sin-stained surface with healing in His Word, His touch and His garment. But your citizens, then in power, flogged Him, crowned Him with thorns, spit in His face, and nailed Him to a Roman cross. Three days after His atoning death, He arose from the grave and ascended to the right hand of God. One day He will return to rule and reign in absolute righteousness according to His promise. When He does, He will do for you what no one else has ever been able to do. He will cure you!

In the meantime, Mr. Sick World, here’s good news for every dweller upon your sin-stained and trouble-covered surface. In these dark hours of world perplexity God is healing the hearts and saving the souls of all the sons and daughters of men who will turn in repentance to Him and ask Him to save them because “Christ died for our sins.” I Corinthians 15:3.

And now, friend, living on this weary world, do you want to be saved and know the joy of sins forgiven? If your answer is yes, then ask Christ who died to redeem you to come into your heart and life, take your sins away, and make you a child of God. Millions of others have done this – why not you? If you will make this decision, God promises that “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13.

Better do it now. Tomorrow might be eternally too late!

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