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Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?


As the population of the New England township was quite small, the bakery only required a young boy to make the deliveries and do the odd jobs. The baker’s boy was a lively, jolly fellow and quite likeable. He had one great weakness – to punctuate every phrase with the Name of Jesus Christ. Probably he thought that it made him a man to talk big.

Young Al Woodward was a different type altogether. He came from the nearby Bible Conference Center. Al never missed an opportunity of fearlessly telling the news of how God sent Christ into the world to save us from the penalty of sin. He also knew that this same God had said that He would not hold him guiltless who takes His Name in vain.

It was inevitable that, sooner or later, these two vastly different characters would clash.

As the door slammed shut, the baker’s boy spoke to Joe, the Postmaster. They discussed the weather, sports and other local events. The Name of Jesus was conspicuous by its frequent use. The Holy Name served as an exclamation mark, a comma or an adjective, whenever possible.

Al Woodward kept on sorting his mail until the delivery boy was ready to leave.

Passing Al, there was not much room for the large empty bread basket. In fact Woodward cleverly made it impossible to pass.

“By the way,” he said, looking squarely into the boy’s eyes, “who is this Person you talk about so much?”

For a moment the boy appeared dumb, and finally said, “That I talk about? Who do you mean?”

“I mean, who is this – this Jesus you speak of so much? Jesus Christ, you called Him. Is He some friend of yours?”

The bread boy looked dumber still. He fairly stared at Al, and at length gasped, “You don’t know who Jesus Christ is?” He seemed to think his eyes rested upon a raw, ignorant pagan. It was clear Al was serious. Imagine anyone inquiring who Jesus was! He could not take it in!

“I have heard of Him,” Al responded, “but who is He really?”

“Well, if you don’t know that guy” – responded the bread boy irreverently, and stopped.

“That guy? Oh, He’s just some coarse fellow you know; I see. Sorry I bothered you.”

“Say! You don’t really mean that you don’t know who Jesus is?” exclaimed the lad, becoming serious again. “You don’t mean” – and he was interrupted by Al Woodward. Somehow he felt that Al was looking right through him. Al had not spoken. It was his piercing eyes that had broken off the boy’s words. He was thoroughly perplexed and dumbfounded. At length he exclaimed with a puzzled “why” and to relieve the tension, Al spoke up at last.

“Excuse me. My thought was really this: I believe I know who He is, but I was thinking that if He is the Eternal Son of Almighty God, who came down from Heaven, was born of the Virgin Mary, lived as a man and died for your sins and mine –”

“That’s Him! Sure! That’s who He is!” broke in the delivery boy, laying himself wide open –

“Well, if that’s really who He is, and if He rose from the dead, to sit right now upon the Throne of the universe, and if some day He will come again as He promised, to judge the living and the dead – if that is who He is, then I should think you would respect Him more! I would think you would not use His Name the way you do!”

The words hit their mark. The bread boy’s face changed rapidly. He was not angered, but seemed more terrified than anything else. The true aspect of his conduct swept over him as Al added:

“You know, the Commandment of God says, ‘Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His Name in vain.’ ” Exodus 20:7. Then after a pause, and silence – “Hadn’t you better definitely repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour from sin? Accept Him for pardon. In Him is life for your soul. He will save you. He has borne your guilt and penalty on the cross, so that He can set you free.”

The dazed boy was silent for awhile. Then, collecting himself, he said, “I guess you’re right. Thank you.” And Al moved a bit, so the basket could pass. The lad went out in silence, climbed into his truck, and drove away. But God had spoken to him. God’s issue was laid at the door of his heart, that he may find entrance to the door of eternal life as a result of that day.

It is possible that you have used the Name of Christ in vain with other expressions and you have not been aware of the consequences. Now you are beginning to wonder if Christ is truly the Son of God and that there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to avoid.

Why not ask God, in prayer, to reveal Himself to you, in no uncertain manner? Then you may know and believe that the Lord Jesus Christ can be your own personal Saviour. Ask Him to pardon and save you.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I John 1:9

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