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Which Church Saves?

Which Church Saves?


“MUST we become Protestants in order to be saved?” “Not at all, my friends. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to convert you to Protestantism.”

“But you do not believe that either the Roman Catholic or the Greek Catholic Church can save you, do you?” “Certainly not.”

“Well, then, I am a Roman Catholic and my friend here is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, neither of which you say can save.”


“And you-you are a Protestant. Do you not want us to turn Protestant?”

“I do not. I have never asked any Catholic, Greek or Roman, to turn Protestant.”

“You haven’t? I don’t understand. You believe that Protestantism can save, do you not?”

“No, I do not.”

“You don’t? I am amazed. What then?-”

“Protestantism has no more power to save than has Catholicism, my friends.”

“What, then! How can a man be saved? There are only the three great Christian Churches, are there not?”

“Yet I repeat, my friends, that neither the Roman Catholic, the Greek Orthodox, or the Protestant Churches can in any way save your souls!”

“But, sir!-”

“Just a minute. No Church can save, but JESUS CHRIST can.”


“Yes, my friends, you are saved, not by the Church, either Catholic or Protestant, but by a Person, God’s only begotten Son.”

“Can it be possible? And to think that we have never heard this before!”

“So you see that it would do no good for you to become Protestants, for there are thousands of Protestants who are not saved, thousands who have professed to embrace Christianity who have never accepted the CHRIST of Christianity. “

“Is that why we have not found peace? Is there no peace in Catholicism?”

“No, friend, and none in Protestantism either. Peace is only found in Jesus. Religion cannot save; but Christ can.”

“But are you sure of this, sir?”

“Absolutely. ‘Neither is there salvation in any other (Protestant or Catholic), for there is none other name (Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic or Protestant) under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved’ “ Acts 4:12

“God, have mercy!”

“‘Thou shalt call His name JESUS; for He (not the Catholic priest nor the Protestant minister, but He Jesus Christ) shall save His people from their sins’ Matthew 1:21.”

“What, then, must we do?”

“ ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. and thou shalt be saved: for as many as received HIM. to them gave He power to become the sons of God’”Acts 16:31 and John 1:21

“And will He receive us?”

“Listen to what He says: ‘Him that cometh to ME I will in no wise cast out’ John 6:37”

“Thank God!”

“Yes, my friend, thank God, indeed; for He loves you. Yea, He died for you. Your sins He bore ‘in His own body on the tree’. And now He offers you salvation. Then come, accept Him, trust His atoning death; believe His promise and rely wholly on Him for ‘He will have mercy and abundantly pardon’.”

“Oh, sir, that we will, right gladly. We thought we were saved because we were good Catholics. But you have opened our eyes, and we know now that Jesus is the only Saviour.”

“And you now accept Him as your Saviour?”

“We do! Yes, we do! Oh, thank God!”

My friend, what about you? Do you know now that neither your Protestantism nor your Catholicism, your religion or your church, can save you, but that Christ can? Will you then receive Him as your own personal Saviour? Do it and do it - NOW!

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