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Where are You Going?

Where are You Going?


Dr. Brown was a successful physician and surgeon. His practice was large. As a citizen he was looked up to by those in the community. He was a devoted husband and father – adored by his wife, his daughter Lois and his curly-haired boy, Bobby.

The doctor and Bobby were particularly devoted. The boy was never far from his father’s side when the physician was at home. Sometimes Bobby went along on the rounds to see the patients. Many called him “Doctor Bobby,” and old Grandma Sanders declared that the boy’s cheery smile was worth “more ’n all his daddy’s pills” in her case, at least.

But there was one place to which father and son never went together. Each Sunday morning the mother, a fine Christian lady, with her children, left their beautiful home and went to the little church down the street. The doctor never accompanied them – not always because his duties prevented it, but rather, because he was an avowed unbeliever. An “infidel” he chose to term himself.

Some people flatly refused to employ Dr. Brown for this reason, though in every other way, he was an agreeable, kindly man, and many thought that because of his personality, his religion, or lack of it, was immaterial.

“It’s a downright shame,” sweet old Grandma Sanders would repeat to her neighbors over and over again, “such a kind man, such a good doctor, with such dear children – and to think he’s no Christian man; just to think of it – well, I’ve been a prayin’ for him nigh onto these twenty years now, an’ mebby the Lord’ll hear and answer soon.”

Now Bobby dearly loved to go to Sunday School. He liked his teacher. Usually he was among the most attentive boys in the class.

One particular Sunday morning the lesson topic was “Our Heavenly Home.” It seemed to interest the boys greatly. They were asking questions readily, which the teacher endeavoured to answer. Then the teacher decided to ask a leading question. Singling out the doctor’s boy, he asked:

“Bobby, when you go to Heaven, whom shall you want to see first?”

Bobby hesitated, then said calmly: “I’m not going to Heaven when I die.”

There was a snicker in the class. The teacher was astonished.

“Not going to Heaven! Why, Bobby? But surely you’ll wish to go to Heaven. All good boys and girls want to go there.”

“No, sir. I don’t. I’m going with my daddy. Mother and sister are going to Heaven, but I’m going with Daddy – we go everywhere together.”

There was a pang in the teacher’s understanding heart, but he adroitly turned the conversation.

A day or two later the teacher contracted a cold. He decided to call upon Dr. Brown for treatment. Then, as opportunity was presented, he related the incident to the physician. At first, the latter tried to laugh it off as a huge joke, but it was plain that he was effected. Later he said, seriously, “Yes, that is just like Bobby. He always wants to go with me – to go where I go.”

“Where are you going, Doctor?” the teacher-friend asked gently.

The physician caught the lesson from his little boy, and happily for both, soon repented and accepted the Lord Jesus and all through life was a safe companion for Bobby to “go with.”

“Where are you going?” is a most important question for everyone – but perhaps all the more so to fathers and mothers.

“And he walked in all the sins of his father, which he had done before him.” I Kings 15:3

“And he did evil in the sight of the Lord, and walked in the way of his father, and in the way of his mother.” I Kings 22:52

Are you trusting in Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and seeking to make the paths straight for your family to follow after you? If not, God is concerned about you and your household, and calls you to make an immediate decision. Such a decision will make your home a success from God’s standpoint, and He will say of you, “For I know him that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord.” Genesis 18:19

God has manifested His infinite love and grace in giving us His beloved Son as a Substitute to take away our sins by His death on the cross.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Acts 16:31

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