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What is the Meaning of Being Born Again?

What is the Meaning of Being Born Again?


We see this term used commercially about a certain car that has been newly designed, or how you would look in a new suit or dress. Others wrongfully thinking along the lines of reincarnation would take it to mean, endless recycling of the soul. In order to find out the true meaning and who it was that originated it, you would have to go back to “God’s Instruction Book.” No statement of more vital importance to the eternal welfare of mankind has ever been uttered. Jesus Christ, the author of our salvation, said: “Ye MUST be born again,” and the MUST indicates that it is not an optional matter, because He also states that: “Except a man be BORN AGAIN, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 If indeed you will not even see it, you will most surely not be permitted to enter, and the only alternative will be an everlasting existence in an awful hell where there can be no possibility of escape.

In the beginning God created Adam and breathing into him the spirit of life, made him perfect, body, soul and spirit. When Adam sinned, he fell from grace and lost that link connecting him with God and eternal life. After the fall Adam was just like every person born into the world from his time on, alive physically but dead spiritually, requiring the new birth to restore our lost heritage: “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” I Corinthians 15:22

We have done our best to make a clear explanation of what BORN AGAIN really means and where it originated, so if you are concerned about your spiritual welfare, just pray to God and humbly confess to Him that you are a sinner and receive His forgiveness. If you are clean in your mind and heart of any hate or grudges against any person, then you are in a position where God can give you the peace and joy and knowledge of sins forgiven and the witness of His Spirit that you have indeed been born again and the lost heritage has been restored and you have a clear passport to heaven.

There will never be a time when it is easier to give your heart to God than when you feel the Spirit of God wooing your spirit as if it were saying, “Son, daughter, Give me thine heart.” The enemy of God is always on hand to whisper, “There is no rush; that there will be plenty of time later when it will be more convenient.” Many persons have said, “Some other time” so frequently that God withdrew His Spirit and they lost all desire for spiritual experience. As time moved on, those who were trying to comfort them on their deathbed got no positive response from them and so went out into eternity without God.

When you come with an open and sincere heart in prayer to Almighty God, confessing to Him that you give Him your full allegiance for time and eternity, an act of spiritual conception takes place. Your spirit has united with the Spirit of God, New life has been created, you have been BORN AGAIN.

When Jesus Christ shed His blood to obtain our redemption, He opened up the way for us to personally approach our creator and make our petitions direct. Never make the mistake of trusting these vital matters to another person to handle for you. Scripture warns that there is ONE mediator between God and man, The Lord Jesus Christ. Deal direct and be sure.

Remember, God is a gentleman, He will not force you against your will. He came down from heaven and lived on this sinful earth for about 30 years and allowed Himself to suffer the agony of crucifixion on the cross in order that we might have eternal life. Can you imagine a greater piece of effrontery than snubbing, or neglecting such a priceless gift offered by the Majesty of heaven? Those who do will have all eternity to regret it.

Many people have never given serious thought to the awesomeness of eternity, so we will try to give here in closing, a brief sketch, because at death our probation period ends and our destination is set forever without any possibility of a change. Webster defines eternity as “Infinite duration,” “Unending existence.” To grasp the magnitude of the above, let us illustrate — Suppose God moved the earth, a grain at a time, one grain every ten thousand years. The amount of time required for this process would be beyond man’s ability to put into figures, yet as compared to your existence in eternity would be as a moment of time.

There is no way you can escape this eternal existence, but it IS in your power NOW to determine WHERE you will spend it. Don’t pride yourself in your ability to throw off conviction for in so doing you will start a sorrow that will eat as a cancer throughout the endless cycles of eternity.

We would urge you for your soul’s sake, give this matter serious consideration.

Neil D. Cameron

Born Once — Die Twice
Born Twice — Die Once
Born Again — Live forever

Your decision will determine your destiny.

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