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Wake Up!

Wake Up!


Last week I was walking about in the book section of a downtown department store, when I saw a large sign, WAKE UP AND LIVE! It was announcing a best-seller on the subject. I bought the book, and found that the lady who wrote it believes most of us are half asleep while we are walking around.

We are asleep, she says, when we put off important things that should be done now! Wake up, and live! Do them today! No one has time for anything: let the unimportant things wait.

It reminds me of the story, sort of a fable, that is told about a conference that Satan had with his helpers. They were discussing what makes the best strategy for sending people to HELL. All sorts of suggestions were offered. One fallen angel advised that they should tell people God doesn’t exist. Another said that was foolish, for everybody believes that God does exist. Tell them, said he, that God is so kind He doesn’t care how people live. A third devil replied that men’s consciences know better than that, for even heathen people in the jungles realize that they are sinners, and that there is punishment for sin. So the discussion ran on, until one evil spirit exclaimed, “Don’t tell any lies at all: tell them the truth. Tell them that they will go to HELL unless they repent, that the wages of sin is death. But tell them there is plenty of time. Let us lull them to sleep.” And that is just the strategy that Satan follows.

Friend, you are asleep if you think God does not see everything you do. You are asleep if you think God will not punish you for your sins. You are asleep if you live in this Christian country and do not know that Jesus Christ was sent of God to die for sinful men. You are asleep if you walk past church doors without ever entering except on Christmas or Easter. You are asleep even if you go regularly to church, and call yourself a good Christian, without believing down deep in your heart that Christ is your Saviour, and your Lord! Wake up and live!

If you say, “I don’t care what happens to me after I’m gone; death is the end anyway,” remember the Bible says plainly that the time will come when all that are in the grave shall come forth, some to eternal life, and some to eternal death. If a man could go to sleep in death and never wake up, it wouldn’t be so bad. But everyone will rise from the grave and appear before God the Judge; however, for many it will be TOO LATE!

Wake up and live now!

“…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Hebrews 9:27

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