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Tommy's Choice

Tommy's Choice


Kneeling by his bed that night, Tommy prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank You for helping me to be a Christian. Make Daddy come to the meetings and want to hear the sermons.”

"Mother, am I too young to give my heart to Jesus? Does the Bible say how old you must be?”

“No, the Bible doesn’t say that. Why do you want to know?”

“Because I want to be a Christian like you are, Mother. Grace, our Sunday School teacher, told us last Sunday that we should answer Jesus when He calls us, just like Samuel did long ago.”

“Did Jesus ever call you, Tommy?”

“I think He was calling me last night at church when they sang ‘Softly and Tenderly.’ You know Pastor Yoder told us to stand if we wanted to be Christians, but I was scared.”

“Why were you scared?”

“I was afraid the other boys would make fun of me and call me a sissy. That’s what they do, Mother. That’s what they did to Jim, you know.”

When Tommy came to his Mother with these important questions, she laid her mending aside, breathed a prayer to God, and drew Tommy beside her to help him with his problem. “Tommy, I know you are only nine years old, but that doesn’t matter. No one is too young to answer Jesus when He calls. Jesus will make you so happy that you won’t mind if the other boys laugh at you. I believe some of them are hearing God’s call, too. You could be a young missionary to bring them to Jesus by coming yourself and setting an example.”

“Do you think Daddy would come home if I’d be a Christian and pray for him?” Tommy’s father was an alcoholic and had left home.

“He might.”

“Would he live with us again?”

“Yes Tommy, if he were a Christian, he would live with us again.”

“Would Daddy read the Bible to us and pray with us?”

“Yes, dear.”

“And he’d never get drunk or hit you anymore, would he?”


“Then I’m going to give my heart to Jesus tonight, Mother, so that I can pray for Daddy and the other boys. Ted and Joe might stand, too, because they have bad hearts.”

That night Tommy chose Christ as his Saviour while the congregation sang, “Just As I Am.” He was much broken up. Many people marvelled that Tommy had been touched while older ones in the audience had hardened their hearts.

“What could he know about sin? He’s such a little fellow,” whispered a young mother to a friend of hers.

But Tommy’s mother understood and hurried to Tommy after the meeting with tears of joy. Grace, his Sunday School teacher, bowed her head to thank God for Tommy’s wise choice. Later, after services were dismissed, Grace found him near the door. Laying her hand upon his head, she said, “You’re a brave boy, Tommy, and may God bless you.”

As Grace turned to greet her friends, Tommy heard from Ted and Joe. “Hey, Tommy, do you think you will make a good preacher?”

“I don’t know, Joe.”

“Sure thing, Joe, he’ll have you converted in a week,” mocked Ted.

Kneeling by his bed that night, Tommy prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank You for helping me to be a Christian. Make Daddy come to the meetings and want to hear the sermons. Help him to live for You and bring him home. Please, Jesus, because You promised to answer prayers.”

The last night of the revival came. God’s presence seemed very near that evening when souls wept and chose Christ as their Saviour. Tommy’s heart bubbled over with joy when he heard a familiar cough. Tommy’s eyes scanned the audience. Whom should he see but his own father. Tommy quickly nudged his mother and whispered, “Daddy’s here. Do you see him? He’s sitting near the door. Jesus is answering our prayers.”

More prayers ascended and the meeting was dismissed. Tommy made a dash for his father and grabbed him by the hand just before he passed through the open door. “Daddy, Daddy, I’m so glad Jesus brought you back! Please, Daddy, won’t you give your heart to Jesus? I did. Jesus will take away your sins and make you happy. Oh! don’t go away, Daddy.”

Tommy’s father grew angry for a moment, but soon his heart melted as he listened to his son. What happiness flooded Tommy’s heart as he led his father to the front seat to kneel beside others who were asking God to take them back into fellow-ship. What followed that night was a scene to be remembered by all present. Satan was defeated, for Tommy’s father found God. Tommy and his mother were kneeling beside Daddy and praying for him as he confessed his sins.

“Daddy, this is almost like Heaven for us all to be Christians and live together. It pays to be a Christian, doesn’t it?” Tommy almost cried that evening just before family worship.

“Yes, Tommy, what a wonderful way to start the New Year! And it pays to have a son like you.”

“Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.” John 6:37

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