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This Baby was Different

This Baby was Different


DID you ever hear someone say, “He’s different?” No doubt you have. Or we often hear the question, “I wonder what makes him different?” Parents have a new baby. They know many other babies. But for some reason, perhaps parental pride, they believe their baby is going to be a bit different from any other baby. There isn’t much difference in babies though.

But Once There Was A Baby Born Who Was Different!
His parents didn’t even choose His Name. God did. Through an angel His Name was announced to be JESUS. That means He would save people from their sins. He was God’s own Son.

His Birth Was Different
His birth was announced centuries before He was born. That’s different from the usual birth announcements. Many people thought He would be born amid wealth and persons of high social standing.

His birth was different. He was born in a stable because His parents were very poor and “there was no room for them in the inn” Luke 2:7. Other babies were normally born in the better surroundings of a home.

His birth was different. He was born without a human father. You may be saying, “Impossible! It can’t be true.” But it is true. His Father was God Himself, the Holy Spirit. His mother was a human being. Jesus was, then, born as GOD and man, the God-Man. He was conceived and born without sin, not for Himself, but for the salvation of mankind. His birth was different.

His Life Was Different
This baby grew to manhood. His life was different. Other people fought, hated, cheated, and deceived because they were born in sin.His life was different. He obeyed, loved, helped, taught, gave, and forgave. He performed many miracles, not in another’s, but His own power. Most astonishing of all, He lived to keep the Ten Commandments for us sinners. His life was radically different.

His Death Was Different
Because He did good, men hated Him. The Bible tells us why they hated Him: “Because their deeds were evil”... Because He was Light, and “men loved darkness rather than light” (John 3:19). Men put Him to death on a cross. They hated His goodness because they were evil. They hated Him because they hated the truth He spoke (John 8:37). They hated Him so much that they killed Him. And yet He did not die because He had to, but because He wanted to — for man’s salvation (John 10:18).

His death was different. Frequently other men die cringing, cursing, begging, and fearful. Jesus died as He had lived, teaching, loving, giving, and forgiving.

His death was bound to be different. Do you remember why? He was God’s Own Son. There is also another reason. He didn’t die for His own sins and shortcoming. He died for the sins of the whole world — for your sins and mine. Through His death we are reconciled to God (Romans 5:10). That’s why his death was different.

He Was Different - He Arose!
Babies are born, some grow to maturity — but all eventually die. Here was a baby that was different. He was born, grew to manhood, lived and died. In all of these He was different… But that was not the end. He rose again from the dead. How and why could He rise again? Because He was different. He was God. The Bible teaches that it was “not possible that He should be holden of it” (death) Acts 2:24. He had power to take up His life again. (John 10:18).

He rose, too, because the whole reason for His coming… His birth… His life… His death… His resurrection… was to make us different, that is, righteous in the sight of God, forgiven, heirs of eternal life. By rising again He proved, and God the Father testified, that He had succeeded (Romans 4:25). His resurrection proves that He is the Son of God and that His Word is truth. A lifeless Jesus could change no one or make a single person different. A living God could — and does.

Jesus Can Make You Different!
He has something to give you — His salvation. He brings it to you in and with His Gospel, through which He gives you the Holy Spirit and faith in Himself. This Christmas let this Saviour Jesus make you different. He can. He lived and kept every law that God holds you responsible for keeping. You couldn’t — but He did — and for you. He died to pay for your lawbreaking (sins). He rose with power and proved that it is all possible.

You must realize and confess that you are a sinner and that you can have no relationship with God as long as you are like that. And just as important, you must believe that THIS BABY is your Substitute and Saviour. When you believe in the forgiveness of your sins through Him, you are FORGIVEN. God looks at you through Jesus. Your sins are covered through Him.

Jesus Makes Christians Different
Perhaps you are already a Christian. What can this Baby do for you? In a certain sense, He can make you more different in your character and life. He will make you more like Himself. The Bible describes it as being “conformed to the image of His Son” Romans 8:29. The more you grow in faith, the more you will be like Him, and the less you will be like the world. That is the right kind of difference you get through faith. He makes you different through his Gospel, His Word. Use it. Yes, This Baby Was Different!

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