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The Road

The Road


Dear Reader, You are traveling the highway of life. You may have many pleasant things: family, work, recreation, leisure. You may have unpleasant things: sickness, fears, poverty.

But there is more to you than these things. Even if you have all of the good and none of the bad, you will not be satisfied. Why? There is a God. You may deny it or act as if He is not important, but that doesn’t change matters.

Your relation to God is all important. You have a soul. It cannot be found by a surgeon’s dissection, but it is none the less real, and you neglect it at your great peril.

Peril? Yes, because man is by nature at odds with God – lost, dead by sins – call it what you will. Why you are that way can be discovered by reading a Bible. The fact is you are unholy and God is holy. He cannot let you enter Heaven. You are not even comfortable on earth.

What can be done about it? By you, nothing. You could never pay the penalty due you because of your sin. But God has done something. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ (who is also a person of the one triune God) to earth.

You may know something of His life. Born on the first Christmas day, lived about 30 years, crucified on a day we call Good Friday; and rose from the dead three days later on what we celebrate as Easter.

Why did He do this? He loved the world. He willingly came to pay for the sins of all who will believe on Him. There are many things we have not room to explain here, but those are simple facts.

Now what must you do? Believe this. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died to cleanse you from your sins. Accept Jesus as your Saviour. This is both easy and hard. Easy because this gift of salvation is free. Hard because you have to admit your sins, be sorry for them and try from now on to lead a godly life.

You will probably keep the same job, live seemingly the same life, but all will be different. You will be a “son of God.” You will see everything in a new light. You will lose much of your fear of death because life after death will now be Heaven instead of hell – perfect happiness instead of total unhappiness. Peace, because you know that when you stand at the great judgment bar, Jesus will be at your side – your advocate, your Friend. He will declare that you are not guilty!

Isn’t all this worth looking into? The church or person who gave you this leaflet will be glad to tell you more, or you can write to the address below.

It is simply as God said centuries ago: “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

We urge you to get on that narrow road! Study the map! Don’t put it off!

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