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The Radiant Life

The Radiant Life


“They looked unto Him, and were lightened (radiant).” Psalm 34:5

I presume everybody has known some one whose life was just radiant. Joy beamed out of their eyes; joy bubbled over their lips; joy seemed to fairly run from their fingertips. You could not come in contact with them without having a new light come into your life. They were great electric batteries charged with joy.

If you look into the lives of such radiantly happy persons-not those people who are sometimes on the mountain top and sometimes in the valley, but people who are always radiantly happy-you will find that everyone is a man or woman who spends a great deal of time in prayer alone with God. God is the source of all joy, and if we come into contact with Him, His infinite joy comes into our lives.

Would you not like to be a radiant Christian? Spend time in prayer. You cannot be a radiant Christian in any other way. Why is it that prayer in the Name of Christ makes one radiantly happy? It is because prayer makes God real. The gladdest thing upon earth is to have a real God! I would rather give up anything I have in the world. or anything I ever may have. than give up my faith in God. You cannot have vital faith in God if you give all your time to the world and to secular affairs, to reading the newspapers and to reading literature, no matter how good it is. Unless you take time for fellowship with God, you cannot have a real God. If you do take time for prayer you will have a real living God, and if you have a living God you will have a radiant life.

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R. A. Torrey, D.D.

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