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The Playful Kitty

The Playful Kitty


Kathy O’Riley got a wonderful Christmas present — a little playful kitty. Kathy loved her. She was a nice kitty but she did like to play with the yarn when Kathy’s mother was knitting. Mrs. O’Riley scolded her and told her she must never touch the yarn.

That afternoon Mrs. O’Riley was busy in the kitchen. Kitty quietly crept into the sewing room. The first thing you know a big ball of yarn was rolling around the room with Kitty merrily chasing it. The yarn unwound and was all over the floor. Then Kitty got tangled in it. The more she struggled to get loose, the more she got tangled up. She couldn’t get herself free.

Mrs. O’Riley heard the rumpus and came running! Kitty hid under a chair, but Mrs. O’Riley saw everything. Kitty was scared.

What would Mrs. O’Riley do? You are something like this naughty kitty. You too have done things that were not good. You are all tangled up in sin. And try hard as you can, you cannot free yourself. What can you do? What will God do? Mrs. Riley still loved the naughty kitty. She carefully cut the yarn and set the kitty free.

God still loves you too. He wants you to be freed from the tangle of sin. To do this God sent His own Son, Jesus, into this world. That’s why Christmas is such a wonderful day. But just coming as a baby was not enough. Jesus came to set us free.

To do this He had to die, His death was as unusual as His birth. He died not for Himself, but to pay for the punishment due us sinners.

Will you ask Jesus to come into your heart? This is called believing on Him. Be sorry for your sins and accept Him as your Saviour and Friend. He wants to free you from your sin and make you His child.

That would make this a real Christmas — better even than getting a playful kitty.

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