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The Most Important Question Ever Asked

The Most Important Question Ever Asked


THE most important question ever asked was asked by Thomas in John 14:5,6 “How can we know the way?” And Jesus’ answer was “I am the Way.” Hence, though there are five ways by which men try to get to Heaven, only one is the right way.

The Wrong Ways

1. The Church.
Millions, there are, who believe that the church can save them, so they commit the salvation of their soul to the church.

But why, I ask, didn’t Jesus say something about the church if the church can save? Because there is no church, no religion, no priest or minister, no church sacrament or ordinance, that can save your soul. You may join the church, be faithful to it, give all your money, and still be lost. The Church cannot save.

2. Morality.
“Be good, treat your neighbors as you would have them treat you, do not do anything wrong, observe the Ten Commandments and the precepts of the Sermon on the Mount, obey the Golden Rule, do the best you can, and all will be well.”

Such are the answers we get from a multitude of others. Man would be his own saviour. He would live such a good life that he would be worthy of Heaven.

Well, why didn’t Jesus say so? Why didn’t He tell Thomas that morality would save him?

My friend, if I can be my own saviour then I do not need Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, the death of Christ was the greatest atrocity in history if man can save himself.

I might as well try to lift myself by my own boot straps as to be my own saviour.

3. The teachings of Jesus.
No, my friend, not His teachings. He didn’t point to His teachings when Thomas questioned Him. His teachings tell you how to be saved, but they do not save.

4. His example.
There are those who tell us to always ask the question, “What would Jesus do?” and then to go and do likewise.

Lovely, if it could be done. But, you have a cancer, a great sin-cancer. And until that sin-cancer of yours is dealt with, you simply can’t take Christ as your Example.

The Right Way

5. Christ.
Yes, my friend, Christ and Christ alone. His answer was, “I am the Way.” Christ, the only Saviour. There is no other. Not the church, not your works, nor His teachings, nor yet Christ as an Example, but Christ Himself. He is the only Way.

All ways lead to God, we are told. But Jesus didn’t say so. Different roads lead in different directions. The wrong road will lead to the wrong destination.

Only one road leads to Heaven and that road is Christ. “I am the Way,” He said. Not “a” way, but “the” Way, the one and only Way. The roads of religion and morality do not lead to God.

Nor is He the Way-shower. He is the Way itself. Hence, you cannot ignore Him, for there is no other way that leads to God. “I am the Way.” said Jesus. “No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.”

Not by Moses or Mohammed, Confucius or Buddha, but by Christ. And not by the church and religion, baptism or the Lord’s Supper. Not by good works and a moral life. Not by anything that you are or can do, or that anyone else can do for you; but by Christ and Christ ONLY.

“No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” No way to God except Christ. “I am the Way” Turn then, from all other ways and accept Him.

Will you do it? Do it and do it NOW.

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