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The Little Shepherd Lad

The Little Shepherd Lad


It had been a nice sunny day, so a little shepherd lad put his sheep beside a small stream near the railroad bridge when he went home to his cottage that night.

During the night a storm arose, the wind blew and the rain came down. The lad tossed on his bed as he could not sleep for thinking of his sheep. So he arose and said to his father, “Dad, I’m worried about my sheep and am going down to see how they are.”

When he got there the stream had turned into a raging torrent and washed away his sheep. The wind had almost destroyed the bridge and broken it right in the middle.

In the distance the boy saw the headlight of an express passenger train rushing through the night towards the distant city. The boy battled through the whirling waters and reached the railroad track and ran towards the oncoming train, waving his hands, trying to attract the attention of the engineer to stop his train before it reached the broken bridge.

The engineer saw him in the glare of the huge headlight, blew his whistle and waved him off the track. The young lad saw that the train would not stop, so he jumped right into the path of the engine. The brakes shrieked as the train pulled up with a jerk right on the edge of the broken bridge.

The passengers, wakened from their sleep by the sudden stop, put their heads out of the windows. The engineer said to some of them, “Come with me.” And they walked back behind the train and found the body of the little shepherd lad all cut to pieces. The engineer said with tears in his eyes, “Gentlemen, if it had not been for him we should all have perished tonight. He gave his life for us.”

Dear reader, that young shepherd boy was very brave, and I am sure that this story has touched your heart. I want to tell you of the good Shepherd who died for us all, because all have sinned. The little shepherd boy knew he could not save all those passengers unless he gave his life and flung himself in between the train and the broken bridge. Our Saviour said, “I am the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep.” John 10:11. He knew that we could not save ourselves. He knew we were lost. “For the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.” Matthew 18:11.

He stepped between us and a lost eternity, shed His precious blood that we might be saved. Won’t you repent of your sins and trust this Good Shepherd now? Does not the Lord from Heaven say, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 19:14.

“Tis simple as can be,
Tis clear as A. B. C.,
He came to save, His life He gave,
To rescue you and me.
Don’t wait until you’re older,
but trust while Christ is nigh,
And by His grace, you’ll see His face
in G – L – O – R – Y.”

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