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Success or Failure in the Christian Life

Success or Failure in the Christian Life


How to Make a FAILURE of the Christian Life 
FOLLOW the line of least resistance, Take a “peace at any price” attitude. Be neutral on moral, spiritual and righteous issues. Don’t take sides but try to please everybody. Straddle the fence. 
ALIENATE yourself from church membership, the means of grace on the Lord’s Day, and the midweek services. Go to church when you “feel” like it and when it is convenient. Don’t join, just go around here and there.
INDULGE your carnal appetites. Take it easy on Sunday; it’s a rest day. Be lazy, be selfish. Take good care of Me, Myself & I.
LOOK at the inconsistencies and sins of others. Pick flaws, find fault and criticize. Find the wrongs of others and talk about them.
UNITE with worldly organizations. Join some good lodge, or perhaps two; be a member of some club or fraternity. They do lots of good, many of them are founded on the Bible, and you don’t have to be “narrow” either.
RUN around with carnal believers and worldlings. Don’t bring religion into your social life. Make intimate friendships with people of character, regardless of whether they are Christian or not, spiritual or not.
ECLIPSE your salvation with business and/or home interests. You have a living to make and a home to keep; therefore work overtime and at nights or Sundays because you will make more money. Get dollars. Business first.

How To Make A SUCCESS of the Christian Life
SEARCH the scriptures daily. (Acts 17:11; I Peter 2:2). Take time to allow God to speak through His Word. Do it every day. Feed your soul as regularly as you feed your body. Do it if you have to neglect the newspaper.
UNCEASINGLY pray. (I Thessalonians 5:17). Regardless of what must go undone, take time to talk with God daily. Don’t be satisfied with “saying” prayers, but pray. Talk with your heavenly Father about everything.
CONFESS every known sin. (I John 1:9). Be un-merciful with sin in your own life. Confess every known transgression to God. When men have been wronged then go and make confession to them. Judge self, do not justify self.
CONFESS Christ to others. (Acts 1:8). Let the world know that you are a Christian. Tell others of what Christ has done and is doing for you, and invite them to accept Christ as their Saviour and Lord.
ENTER into spiritual activities without reservation. (Romans 12:11). Make making Christ known the thing you live for. Put your entire self into the work of your home church. Be whole-hearted.
SET aside one tenth of your income for the Lord’s Work. (I Corinthians 16:1,2). You can’t afford to do less. Your heart will be where you place your dollars. A stingy person is never a spiritual Christian. Give liberally.
SURRENDER to the Spirit’s promptings. (Galations 5:16; Ephesians 5:18). Allow the Holy Spirit to direct and dominate every department of your life. Obey that inward pulse. God’s way is always the best way.

Before God now, are you a spiritual success or a spiritual failure?

We are what we are because we have been doing what we have been doing.

Live in the light of eternity. Let your Saviour be your Lord.

Christ is not only absolutely necessary - Christ is altogether sufficient.

True success is possible only through successful Christian living.


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