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Some Day - a Sure Ticket to hell

Some Day - a Sure Ticket to hell


You don’t believe there is a Hell to shun? Why did Christ come to earth, suffer and die on Calvary’s Cross, if there’s no hell? Do you think Christ would have left the beauties of Heaven, come here to be beaten, spit upon, laughed at and mocked, a crown of thorns forced upon His head, then nailed to a Cross, if there was no Hell to shun? Had there been no Hell, Christ would never have come to this earth. He could see men and women in sin heading for an endless eternity in Hell, so He came here to tell lost souls like you, sinner Friend, that Hell awaited them, and how to escape. Yet, Christ came to this earth and died on an “Old Rugged Cross” that you and I could be delivered from sin and escape Hell in eternity.

You don’t believe the Bible or that Christ came to earth? Don’t be a fool! If you tossed the Bible aside, we would still have to believe on Christ as many historians recorded the life of Christ. Even a Jewish historian, who denied Christ, told how Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed. It came true exactly as Christ had predicted. It’s foolish to say there’s no Hell; it’s silly to say Christ never came to earth; only ignorance would cause anyone to say the Bible isn’t true. Let’s face facts: Hell awaits that soul of yours. Saying there’s no Hell, trying to believe the Bible isn’t true and hoping Christ never came to earth will only lead you to an eternity in Hell. Awake from your slumber! Don’t send your soul to Hell for worldly treasure and a few dollars.

“What is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Matthew 16:26

Christ asked that question. Eternity never ends; Hell is real - death is sure. Think, friend, think!

“Some day I’ll be a Christian; yes, some day I’ll seek the Lord.”

Every man, woman, boy and girl feels assured that “some day” they’ll be a Christian, and go on through life putting off God and Salvation. Soon life is over and in Hell they awake at last. Yes, the little word is a sure ticket to Hell. Ninety percent of the people in Hell used “some day” for their ticket there.

God’s Holy Word says, “Today is the day of salvation, if you hear His voice, harden not your heart.” Seek the Lord today. Repent and receive Christ as Saviour! Say, “I’m ready now.” “Ready now” is a sure ticket into the Kingdom of God and eternity, to a place where sorrow and pain are never known; where the streets are paved with gold; and joy, happiness and peace reign forever. So, if interested in being delivered from sin and spending eternity in Heaven, say, “I’m ready now” and seek God. If you toss this paper aside and say, “Some day I’ll be a Christian,” you’ll awake in Hell and realize the little word “some day” put you there. “Some day” is a sure ticket to Hell.

Today is the day of salvation. Seek the Lord while He may be found. Tomorrow never comes.

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