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Resisting the Enemy

Resisting the Enemy


“Dad. I’m scared.”

Walter bolted down the long hall in the midnight darkness to our fourteen-year-old son’s room. “The Devil is in my closet,” blurted Roy. My husband walked over to the open closet and explained. “Look, there is no one in here. Now go to sleep.”

After the third call for help Walter remembered, from the scriptures, that Satan was defeated by the shed blood on the cross and he will flee when it is mentioned. He picked up his Bible and turned to I John 1:7. which reads “…and the blood of Jesus Christ God’s son, cleanses us from all sin.” Walter placed the open Bible on the closet shelf in Roy’s room. Roy went to sleep in peace.

A few weeks later we visited a couple who had attended our church. During the course of the evening, the lady of the home confided that she lived with terrible thoughts and fears, ever since she had seen The Exorcist. At this time my husband shared the story of our son and his fear. We then encouraged her to confess any known sin to God and accept His forgiveness. On a large piece of paper I wrote out I John 1:7 for her to pin on the wall. “This will remind you to memorize it,” we explained. She acceepted this advice most graciously.

Immediately she got her Bible and said, “I will also place this open Bible on my bedside table.” Several weeks later she related how her fears had left her.

Another memory comes to me of a time when we were travelling on motorcycles with another couple. Fear gripped me so hard that I knew it was Satan attacking me. I prayed and pleaded the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over myself but this time the fear didn’t go away. At our next stop I related my anguish to my friend. She asked me if I had resisted the Devil out loud with I John 1:7 ‘Out loud’?

That was a new thought for me. I got back on the motorcycle with new hope. As Walter started the engine. I took the opportunity to pray out loud. “Oh God, I plead the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over myself.” As we wound our way down the highway I had a song in my heart once again.

Jesus resisted the Devil with scripture verbally and so must His followers. The Bible says “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7. Sometimes when I pray this prayer I feel Satan’s resistance. Then I repeat out loud the prayer several times followed by singing a hymn or two like. “There Is Power In The Blood”. “Redeemed”, and, “What Can Wash Away My Sin”.

When I want to pray and resist the enemy in a more specific area, I use this simple prayer and fill in the blanks for myself or a friend: I resist the power of Satan and his demons in …life, in the area of …by the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

by Ina Friesen

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