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Never Lonely

Never Lonely


LONELINESS has become one of the major problems of our day,” says the State Commission of Public Welfare, “and we’ve got to do something to abolish it.”

I do not know what the Commissioner has in mind — if anything. But I am certain that loneliness can never be abolished by any human efforts.

When God created man upon the earth, He designed the human heart to be occupied by Himself. But when someone decides to keep God out of their life — it’s no wonder they’re lonely — with a big empty heart which ought to be occupied with the Saviour.

However, you don’t have to be alone to be lonely. Every human heart needs a friend — someone we can trust, someone who really knows and understands and cares, regardless of what our problems might be. But where can you find such a friend as this? You cannot find such a friend — except in Jesus.

He alone has the answer to your problems. For He knows you better than you know yourself. In spite of everything, He loves you and cares for you as no one else ever could. Take Him as your Friend and you need never be lonely again! How can you be lonely —when your dearest Friend is with you all the time?

This is no theory, but first-hand knowledge: it’s simply glorious to live alone — when you are living alone with Him! Mere words cannot express it. Human companionship is really a pitiful thing, when you compare it with His companionship. To be conscious of His presence with you day by day and hour by hour gives you a peace and joy which cannot be described.

Are you ever lonely? Do you need someone to love and care for you? Then why not take Him as your Saviour and Friend today. Repent of your sins and trust Him as Saviour. Remember how He suffered for you there on the cross, and how He put your sins all away, once and forever, by this one great “sacrifice of Himself.” Hebrews 9:26

Now when you look to Him, trust Him and really depend on His wonderful sacrifice for you there — you will be saved, your sins will all be forgiven and your life will be transformed by His indwelling Spirit. “And the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.” I John 1:7

Then receive Him now as your Saviour and let Him be your Friend, Companion and Guide forever. He will put an end to your loneliness. There is no excuse for anyone being lonely when he can have God’s dear Son as his nearest and dearest Friend!

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