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Musing with the Lord

Musing with the Lord


I hope I’m not ungrateful, Lord,
But when my way is rough,
I want to cry to You and say
O' Lord, it is enough!

I feel like I’m a burden now,
There’s little I can do -
Don’t You think it would be best
If I came home to You?

I’d rather be in heaven, Lord
Where all is joy and peace,
Where there’re no tears and heartaches
And pleasures never cease. . .

But then I think of You, dear Lord,
And the sorrow that You bore,
And though I’m old and suffering,
I know You suffered more;

And then You too knew grief and pain,
And there were times You wept,
Your soul was filled with sorrow,
But in Your heart You kept

The firm resolve that to the cross
Of suffering: You would go
To give Your life a sacrifice
Because You loved us so . . .

O' Lord, I’m sorry I complained,
And I will try to be
Patient, loving and content
Until You send for me.

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