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Dan heard the wail of the sirens of the fire engines. It smelled strange in the room. The crippled boy pulled himself to the window and looked out. It was his building that was on fire! Smoke was billowing up from the lower windows. Dan was scared!

He lived on the top floor of the tall tenement building. He knew he could never get down the fire escape with his crutches. “Help!” he yelled. “Help, save me!”

The fire truck was in the street. Here came the ladder. Up… Up… Up… Then it stopped. It wasn’t long enough to reach Dan’s window! “Jump into the net!” called the fireman on the top of the ladder.

“Jump?” asked Dan. “Way down there? They might not catch me.” He quivered on the window sill.

The net is big and the firemen are strong,” assured the fireman. “Trust them to catch you. Just jump!”

Dan looked back. The room behind him was filled with smoke. He would die if he didn’t jump. With all the strength of his weak legs he jumped! Down… down through the air he fell! With a big bounce he landed in the firemen’s net. He was saved!

You, too, boys and girls, are in danger. All people have rebelled against God. He created us, but we sin against Him. We must be saved from our sins.

Can you save yourself? No, you are just like Dan – unable to help yourself. But Jesus can help you. Jesus has taken the punishment due your sins. He has done everything.

What must you do? Trust Him. Just as Dan had to do nothing to provide the net or hold it, so you can do nothing to save yourself. You must simply believe that Jesus can save you.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Acts 16:31

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