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If Christ Should Come Tonight

If Christ Should Come Tonight


Is my house set in order
If Christ should come today?
What tasks would be unfinished
If I were called away?

Suppose an angel told me
At early morning light,
“Your Lord will come this evening,
You shall go Home tonight!”

Would ecstasy be clouded
By thought of work undone,
The seed I might have scattered,
The crowns I might have won?

The soul I meant to speak to,
The verse I meant to share,
And oh the wasted moments
I meant to spend in prayer!

The weight of unsaved millions
Would press upon my heart.
In their death am I certain
That I had not a part?

And such a few short moments
In which to set things right!
How feverishly I’d labor
Until the waning light!

O slothful soul and careless heart,
O eyes which have no sight,
Work, lest you reap but vain regrets!
Your Lord may come tonight!

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