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Sarah was lying on the shore, looking into the sky. She said, “Oh, did you see that sea gull? He went splash, right into the water! Isn’t it fun to watch the birds? It must be beautiful way up there above the clouds, where the eagles go. I wonder what Heaven is like. I wish I knew.”

Uncle Joe heard her and said, “You may know.”

“Oh, Uncle Joe,” said Sarah, “are you here? What do you mean? Did someone go to Heaven and come back?”

Then Uncle Joe began to explain. “It is a Holy place of glorious beauty and there is only happiness there. Jesus lived there before He came down to earth and He told us some things about Heaven. We learn that in Heaven no one ever gets sick or dies; and there is no sin, for all who dwell there live forever and love God and always want to obey Him.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” exclaimed Sarah.

“Yes,” continued Uncle Joe, “but nothing bad can get inside Heaven – no unbelievers, or liars, or drunkards, or people who steal, or those who don’t love Jesus. People must have their sins forgiven first. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be there.”

“But, Uncle Joe, I’m bad! How can I get ready for Heaven?” questioned Sarah, sadly.

“Ah, my child,” answered Uncle Joe, “accept Jesus and depend upon Him as your very own Saviour and all your sins will be forgiven; do it this very day. Jesus Christ said, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.’ Your name will be written in the Book of Life.”

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