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He Faileth Not

He Faileth Not


Priceless gems have often been found in unlikely places. Many a choice flower has been found blooming in a rocky crevice. Rainbow artistries have suddenly lit up the driest skies. Beauty spots have charmed the traveler at surprise turns on the least promising road.

It is even so with this word in Zephaniah 3:5: “He faileth not.” In a context laden with rebukes to a perverse people, this expression of the divine faithfulness shines like a solitary star on a dark night. “He faileth not!” How much this assurance means to the Lord’s own. It suggests a comforting threefold homily.

First, “He faileth not” in His power, which is pledged in Christ to work on our behalf. Child of God, what is that big thing that you would have Him do for you? Has faith begun to fail? Has the heart been looking at circumstances instead of to God? Think on this again, that if an answer seems unduly delayed, it is not through any collapse of His power towards us. Perhaps faith is being tested for the sake of your spiritual profit and progress.

Unanswered yet, the prayer your lips have uttered In agony of heart these many years? Does faith begin to fail, is hope departed? And do you think in vain are all your tears? Say not the Father has not heard your prayer; Your prayer shall answered be, sometime. somewhere.

But further, “He faileth not” in His wisdom. What comfort this is for the perplexed believer. Why is this disappointment, this loneliness, this dark experience permitted? Why is that thing for which the heart has yearned still left engrafted?

We don't know – not yet; but we do know that our Father's wisdom never errs.

I know not by what methods rare, but this I know, God answers prayer. I know He gives His promised word which tells me prayer is always heard. And will be answered soon or late, though often it is hard to wait. I know not if the blessing sought will come in just the way I thought; I leave my prayer with Him alone, whose will is wiser than my own, Assured that He will grant my quest or send an answer far more blest.

Best of all, “He faileth not” in His love. If He did not love us, His power and wisdom would mean little to us, but to know they are employed in the service of His unfailing love gives us a triple guarantee of His faithfulness. “Love never faileth.” “God is love.” Tried and troubled believer, take heart! “He faileth not.”

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