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God Found Me at Camp

God Found Me at Camp


God Found Me At Camp “Cut loose” to Christ
HAVE you ever lived for a good time — from dance to dance, party to party? That’s the way I was living when I decided to take a vacation and really “cut loose” before school started for the next year? Where to? It didn’t matter. I ended up at Cedar Lake, Indiana, August 22, 1954, after an all-night party and dance. How? I guess the name “Rest Awhile” caught my attention.

August 22 being a Sunday and my arrival at Cedar Lake Conference Grounds being about 2:30 p.m., there was not a soul to be seen around the place, not even at the beach!

“Where was everybody?” you ask. So did I. In the chapel, of all places, and the water was so tempting only a fool would waste his time in a chapel, I thought.

I suffered through that afternoon with everybody being so nice to me I hated them. I ate supper and was talked into going to the evening service. I made sure that everyone knew I was leaving in the middle if I didn’t like the thing.

The sermon was about Judas Iscariot, a disciple, and yet a thief and in Hell for rejecting Christ. I began to get worried about what was going to happen to my soul. When the invitation was given, somehow my hand was raised for prayer. Then I found myself in the front of the chapel with tears streaming down my doll-painted face. For the first time in my life I knew this was either a Heaven or a Hell proposition with no alternative. Heaven looked like the best to me if only God would see fit to lift this soul from out of the depths of sin. After some time in the prayer room, I met Jesus Christ as a real Person. What a thrill!

A life transformed! I went back to school the next week with my Bible sitting right smack on top of all my books! My friends soon saw that this girl wasn’t the same person she was before. Now she had a twoedged sword in her mouth, and, praise God, a personal Saviour! What a mission field – 400 kids – some who had never seen a Bible before now were seeing a real live product of His grace walking to class and eating and talking with them.

My privilege of speaking at my commencement, gave God the opportunity to bring praise to His Name. Handed the title, “Education a Key,” I was able to explain the simple plan of salvation with Christ as the only Key.

Am I sorry I’m a Christian? Only a poor lost confused soul could ever ask me a question like that! I’ve never been so happy! True peace, joy, and satisfaction can only come through knowing Him who so loved you that He gave His only begotten Son so that if you believe on Him, you shall never perish but have everlasting life.

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