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Facing the Future Unafraid

Facing the Future Unafraid


THREE important questions describe your life:
Where have I come from?
What am I doing here?
Where am I going?

These three questions are obviously related to each other. For you have been becoming what you are and you are now becoming what you will be.

Many of us would just as soon forget the past. But the past will not be forgotten; it is too much a part of the present. So before we can think of the future, or understand the present, we need to take a good look over the way we have come.

It has not altogether fulfilled all our hopes for it. When our past was still our future it looked better. But many things came up which changed our plans. Now as we look back we see something of the forces that have made us what we are. Many of them were not our doing. Circumstances, inheritance, other people, health well, there have been lots of things. Perhaps we have not done so badly after all, everything considered. But must it always be that things do not work out as well as we had hoped? They say, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” Must it always be vain hope? We dream of greatness and settle for a good average. We think of being rich and becoming satisfied to be able to pay our bills. That brings us to the present, the thing we have been becoming.

But what about the future? Is its glow to become dull, its promise unfulfilled, its hopes a faded dream? Or is there something now that we can do to change this course of things?

There is. And that is why the Bible asks questions. If we will answer them sincerely, facing the facts that life and our experience have taught us, the course may be changed. We can enjoy a new kind of living that is even better than we dare to hope.

Where have you come from?
From parents who were not perfect, however much they loved you. From childhood, when you wanted your own way. From youth, when you became the center of your world. From all that is past.

What are you doing here?
The same as I have always done. Seeking my own way. Living for myself. I do a lot of good and kind and worthwhile things, but mostly it is to make me feel a bit relieved. I behave myself, but I confess it is because I would be afraid not to do that.

Where are you going?
I do not know. Who does? Things always work out differently than you expect. So I just do the best I can. I hope it is good enough.

But is it good enough?

Who knows?

God knows. He says: “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death:’ “The soul that sinneth, it shall die:’

But everybody sins,

Yes, everybody sins.

Then everybody dies?

No, everybody does not die. Some live and the life they live is a new kind of life that gets better every day and lasts forever.

How can this be?

God loved the world of men. He knew that sin would always spoil man’s joy and quench his life. So He became a man and lived a sinless life and gave that life on a criminal’s cross, a substitute for sinful men whose lives were a constant dying. Then having died for men and come to life again (because not having sinned, death could not hold Him) He offers His own life to those who will accept the gift He gives. And with this life of God there comes new strength, new joy, new love, new everything. And it gets better every day. Then one can face the future unafraid.

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