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A Message From Heaven

A Message From Heaven


Do not grieve for me, my dear ones
Now that I have gone away.
I’ve only stepped quietly through the
door to the dawn of a brighter day.

If you could see the beauty
Of the garden I’m walking through.
If you could feel the touch of His hand,
You would want to walk here too.

If you could see the sunshine
With no dark shadows lurking near.
If you could know the joy supreme,
I find with my Lord so dear.

Where pain no more can touch me.
Where no sorrow can ever be.
You would be glad I slipped away to
this beautiful land of eternity.

I’ll be waiting for you, my dear ones,
I’ll be watching day by day,
And I’ll ask our Father to guide you
lest you falter along the way.

So when the day is over
and the night is drawing nigh,
I pray you too, find it only a step
Where walk my precious Lord and I

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