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A Message for This Christmas Season

A Message for This Christmas Season


THIS DAY IS CHRISTMAS, and the best diagnosis of the true meaning was given by a doctor over 1900 years ago. It simply cannot be improved upon. And it puts many other “diagnosis” completely to shame.

The doctor is Luke. And the diagnosis is found in the second chapter of his inspired “prescription,” which is known to us as the Gospel according to St. Luke. In the 11th verse, we have the crux, the core, the center, of the message… “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

Note how clear, how sharp is the doctor’s diagnosis!
“Unto you’’ …that is PERSONAL
“This day” …that is PRESENT
“A Saviour” …that is PRECIOUS

You know, of course, that there is all the difference in the world between Christmas and Christ. Millions make a holiday over the former and only a mockery over the latter. Christ is cruelly crowded out of that special day which is meant to remember Him the most. Holiness is hidden beneath the pile of holly. The wreath is hung higher than the cross. And worst of all, the Saviour is asked to make way for Santa Claus.

And yet, without Christ there is really no Christmas. Without Him, there really is nothing to sing about or to rejoice over. Outward merriment all too quickly becomes inward mockery to a starved soul.

It is time to turn back to that perfect prescription of the old doctor. Let’s spend a quiet moment with his good words…

“UNTO YOU” …This is a personal message, and there can be no evasion or denial. What have you done with the Lord Jesus Christ for this occasion? You have remembered family and friends with gifts… have you remembered Him?

“THIS DAY” …Yes, this day, this very moment! Thoughts of Christmas fill the air and there is at least the passing acknowledgement of His Person. But do you know that the thoughts of Christ concerning you are the precious “Calvary thoughts” of giving you the greatest of all gifts – the gift of grace which is eternal life; the gift of your soul’s salvation? This day, yes, this very moment, can and should be the greatest moment in your life. What will you do with Christ at this Christmas? Or far rather, what SHOULD you do with Him? The only possible answer is for you to receive Him in your heart by faith.

“A SAVIOUR” …Yes, the road from Christmas to Calvary is really a short one, for this Babe of Bethlehem came but for to die as the Sin-bearer upon Calvary’s cruel crest. Not “Santa,” but Saviour; not “Claus,” but Christ. And it is only the man or the woman, the boy or the girl, who has truly been to Calvary, whose sinful heart has been broken at the foot of the Cross, whose life has been cleansed and transformed, who can really and truly know the blessed joy of a “heavenly Christmas” within the heart.

How precious are those words… “Unto you… this day… a Saviour.” That is, they are truly precious, when the heart is opened to receive them. The old doctor supplied the best diagnosis after all and I am more than thankful for that happy day in my heart and life when I followed the instruction and received the holy healing of new birth (John 3) becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus (11 Corinthians 5:17).

How is it with you? This is the Christmas Season! Are you the Lord’s or alas, are you still passing by Doctor Luke’s word, without acting upon it for your own salvation?

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